On June 28, 2013, vocalists Lisa Correnti and Sarah Mitchell recorded the following selections, under the direction of organist John Robinson, at St. Paul Church, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Robinson was music director both of the church and of the renowned St. Paul Choir School.

1. Hail Holy Queen, We Cry to Thee

2. O Heart of Mary Pure and Fair

3. Welcome Month of Mary

4. Nunc Et in Hora Mortis (I Know not What the Years May Bring)

5. Mary Sweet Mother

6. The Lord of Glory

7. Little White Guest (Sister Myra, C.S.J.)

8. As the Dawn In Queenly Splendor

9. The Vow is Made

Recorded at St. Paul’s R.C. Church, Cambridge, MA, June 28, 2013

Lisa Correnti, soprano
Sarah Mitchell, alto
John Robinson, organist

Sound recording by Evan Landry