On December 2, 2017, the Christ Our King Singers met to sing ten hymns, under the direction of Martha Gannon Sousa, conductor, and with organist Peter Krasinski playing the Hutchins-Votey Organ, Opus 1637, in Providence, Rhode Island.

1. Hark! A Mystic Voice Is Sounding

2. Mother, Hear Us

3. Bethlehem, Of Noblest Cities

4. Holy, Holy Name of Jesus

5. My God, Accept My Heart This Day

6. What A Sea Of Tears And Sorrow

7. O Heart So Pure

8. Queen Of The Skies

9. Somber Evening Shadows Lengthened

10. Glory Be To Jesus

The singers:
Kristen Charpentier
Arielle Rogers
Matthew Hall
Jason Shealy

Peter Krasinski, organ
Martha Gannon Sousa, conductor