A program of hymns for choir and congregation, performed by the choirs of St. Adelaide Church, Peabody, MA, June 28, 2019, under the direction of Michael Olbash, organist and choirmaster.

Introductions to each hymn were presented by hymnologist Peter Meggison.

Melodies for the hymns are in this booklet (PDF).

The full program ran 75 minutes:

Individual selections:

  1. Introduction

    “O Sacred Heart, What Shall I Render Thee?”

  2. Introduction

    “O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine!”

  3. Introduction

    “To Jesus’ Heart All Burning”

  4. Introduction

    “O Take Me To Thy Sacred Heart”

  5. Introduction

    “Dear Sacred Heart”

  6. Introduction

    “To Praise The Heart Of Jesus”

  7. Introduction

    “I Rise From Dreams”

  8. Introduction

    “Heart Of Jesus, Hear”

  9. Introduction

    “I Place My Trust In Thee”

  10. Introduction

    “Heart Of Jesus, We Are Grateful”

  11. Introduction

    “O Sacred Heart! Our Home Lies Deep in Thee”