On May 18 and June 1, 2015, the Seraphim Singers, the critically praised Boston ensemble known for its spiritually informed programs, recorded nine hymns, mostly on Marian themes, at Holy Name Church in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Seraphim Singers

The Seraphim Singers, in their recording session at Holy Name Church, West Roxbury (Boston), MA, 2015

1. Again We Greet Our Mother

2. O Mother, I Could Weep For Mirth

3. Bring Flowers Of The Fairest

4. Daughter Of A Mighty Father

5. Hail Virgin, Dearest Mary

6. The Sun Is Shining Brightly

7. O Mary Conceived Without Sin (Novena Hymn)

8. O Lord, I Am Not Worthy

9. ‘Tis The Month Of Our Mother

(soloists: Julie Button, Tom Manguem)

Julie Button
Rachael Luther
Alison Moll
Kathy Planeta
Leslie Price
Emily Smith-Sturr
Eileen Sweeney

Margaret Angelini
Rita Budwey
Barbara Ehrmann
Niki Ruttan
Laurie Szablewski

Robert Barney
Luca Daniel
Tom Manguem
Mark Nemeskal

Michael Budwey
John Nesby
Charlie Oliver
John Salisbury

John Totter
Peter Krasinski

Conductor and Music Director:
Jennifer Lester