On November 10, 2023, soprano Camila Parias and alto Clare McNamara recorded these selections under the direction of organist Andrew Scanlon.

1. Hail, All Hail, Great Queen of Heaven (Our Lady of Lourdes)

2. Snow and Rain Have Vanished

3. Oh, the Priceless Love of Jesus

4. Jesus, When in Cruel Anguish

5. Loved Mother, at Thy Shrine

6. Ave Maria (Rosewig)

7. Softly and Tenderly

8. Queen of our Fount

9. O Mother Loved

10. O Mater Admirabilis

11. Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue

12. Mary, How Sweetly Falls That Word (The Name of Mary)

13. The City of David is Sleeping

14. The Birthday of a King

15. Bright Queen of Heaven

16. Come and Chant the Praises

The musicians:

Soprano: Camila Parias
Alto: Clare McNamara
Organ: Andrew Scanlon

Recording engineer: David Breton