The Church of the Advent, located in Boston’s Beacon Hill section, has been involved with the Anglo-Catholic movement since its founding in the mid-nineteenth century. Within this framework, the church devotes considerable resources to maintaining a fine music program. From its location in a region rich in world-class musicians, the Advent Choir offers a varied repertoire performed to the highest standards, supported by the historic Aeolian-Skinner organ, a landmark of the American Classic Style. The 14 traditional hymns, from various Catholic sources, presented here were recorded under the direction of Andrew Scanlon, Advent organist and director, on July 15, 2022.

1. Ecce Panis Angelorum

2. God Father, Praise and Glory

3. Mother Mary, at Thine Altar

4. We Adore Thee, Christ Our Saviour

5. The Nations’ Consecration

6. Te Deum

7. Heart of My Dear Saviour

8. Heart of Jesus, Thou Hast Kindled

9. Holy Mary, Mother Mild

10. Ave Maria

11. Joy! Joy! The Mother Comes

12. O Infant Jesus

13. Lord God, our King

14. Regina Coeli

The musicians:

  • Janet Stone, soprano
  • Sarah Rose Taylor, soprano
  • Clare McNamara, alto
  • Hilary Walker, alto
  • Corey Hart, tenor
  • Eric Perry, tenor
  • Glen Billingsley, bass
  • Peter Schilling, bass
  • Andrew Scanlon, organist and director