Vocalists Patrice Tiedemann, soprano, and Arielle Rogers, alto, performed the following hymns at Grace Episcopal Church in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in January 2016, together with organist and pianist Dwight Thomas.



The musicians: Arielle Rogers, alto; Dwight Thomas, organ and piano; Patrice Tiedemann, soprano

1. Sweet Lady of the Sacred Heart

2. Come Gather ‘Round the Altar (Eve of May)

3. St. Joseph Blest

4. O Mother, Will it Always Be

5. Fading, Still Fading

6. Queen and Mother of Many Hearts

7. Mother, Mother, I Am Coming Home (Our Lady Della Strada)

8. Happy We, Who Thus United

9. Holy Queen, We Bend Before Thee

10. We Leave Thy Shrine

11. When the Battle Rages Fiercest

12. Mother of Mercy with Love and Reverent Mien

13. Dear St. Joseph, Pure and Gentle