On October 24, 2014, an ensemble of Boston-area vocalists recorded the following hymns at All Saints Catholic Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts, together with organist Frederick MacArthur, under the direction of conductor Michael Olbash.

1. Praise Be To Thee, O Lord

2. Ave Maria, Thou Virgin and Mother

3. Night Folds Her Starry Curtains Round

4. I Dwell A Captive In This Heart

5. Lovely Appear (from Gounod’s Redemption)

6. Rejoice, Rejoice, O Earth And Skies

7. As The Dewy Shades Of Even

8. Immaculata Conceptio

9. Guardian Angel From Heaven So Bright

10. Quid Retribuam Domino

11. Let A Pious Prayer Be Said

12. Little White Lamb in the Manger

13. The Gates of The Heavens Unfold!

14. Juravit

Peter Meggison, producer
Michael Olbash, conductor
Frederick MacArthur, organ
Evan Landry, recording engineer


Camila Parias [7,8,10]
Elise Groves [2,9,14]
Susan Kattwinkel [2,3,5,6,14]

Mary Gerbi [3,5,10,11]
Von Bringhurst
Emily Marvosh [7,9]

Devin Drerup [1]
Garry McLinn
Mark Nemeskal [13,15]

Graeme McCullogh [12]
Marc DeMille [8,12]
James Dargan