On March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) and March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) of 2018, the Bel Canto Singers of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Volo, Illinois, recorded twenty-one hymns for the Devotional Hymns Project.

1. We Thee Adore

2. Hide Thou Me

3. Praise Ye The Father

4. Cor Jesu

5. Hail, True Body Of The Savior

6. Deck Thyself, My Soul

7. I Will Never Forsake Thee

8. O Lord Of Hosts

9. I Found A Heart All Golden

10. O Esca Viatorum

11. Hark! In The Night

12. Adoro Te Devote

13. Lady of Fatima

14. Pity, My God! ‘Tis For Our Loved Land

15. Dear Sacred Heart

16. There Blooms A Wondrous Flower

17. Hail, Glorious Apostle

18. Hail, Dearest Heart of Jesus

19. O Magnify The Lord

20. When The Shades Of Life Are Falling

21. Hail, Glorious St. Patrick

The musicians:

Ashley Francis

Jennifer Haworth
Lindsey Adams
Trevor Mitchell
William McMurray

Recording Engineer:
Corrado Cavalli

Peter Meggison