On June 18, 2012, conductor Michael Olbash led organist Mark Husey, a choir of professional voices, and the Blackstone Valley Catholic Youth Choir in the following selections, recorded at St. Cecilia Church, Boston, Massachusetts.

All tracks:

1. O Sacred Heart, What Shall I Render Thee?

2. Heart of Jesus, Hear!
Camila Parias, soprano

3. I Place My Trust In Thee

4. He Is Looking Through the Lattice
Michael Olbash, tenor

5. O Sacred Heart, All Blissful Light of Heaven
Margaret Lias, alto; Sudie Marcuse, soprano

6. One Thing, My God

7. Peace! Be Still
Glenn Billingsley, bass

8. To Praise the Heart of Jesus
Marco deOliveira, tenor

9. Maiden Mother, Meek and Mild / Concordi Laetitia
Blackstone Valley Catholic Youth Choir

10. Mother, At Your Feet Is Kneeling

11. Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest
Camila Parias, soprano; Clare McNamara, alto; Michael Olbash, tenor

12. Mother Of Christ
James Dargan, bass; Camila Parias, soprano

13. How Pure, How Frail And White
Camila Parias, soprano; Mark Husey, conducting

14. On This Day, O Beautiful Mother
Camila Parias, soprano

15. O Virgin Mother, Lady Of Good Counsel
Clare McNamara, alto

16. Mother Dear, O Pray For Me

Sudie Marcuse, soprano
Sarah Moyer, soprano
Camila Parias, soprano
Mary Gerbi, alto
Margaret Lias, alto
Clare McNamara, alto
Jonas Budras, tenor
Marco deOliveira, tenor
Owen McIntosh, tenor
Glenn Billingsley, bass
Richard Chonak, bass
James Dargan, bass

Sound engineer:
Evan Landry