2017: Christ Our King Singers

On December 2, 2017, the Christ Our King Singers met to sing ten hymns, under the direction of Martha Gannon Sousa, conductor, and with organist Peter Krasinski playing the Hutchins-Votey Organ, Opus 1637, in Providence, Rhode Island.

1. Hark! A Mystic Voice Is Sounding

2. Mother, Hear Us

3. Bethlehem, Of Noblest Cities

4. Holy, Holy Name of Jesus

5. My God, Accept My Heart This Day

6. What A Sea Of Tears And Sorrow

7. O Heart So Pure

8. Queen Of The Skies

9. Somber Evening Shadows Lengthened

10. Glory Be To Jesus

The singers:
Kristen Charpentier
Arielle Rogers
Matthew Hall
Jason Shealy

Peter Krasinski, organ
Martha Gannon Sousa, conductor